Proceedings are available on the ACL anthology at this link.

April 19, 2021 (CEST time)

9:30–11:00 Session 1 (chair: Alberto Lavelli)

9:30 Introduction (Alberto Lavelli)

9:45 Fast and Effective Biomedical Entity Linking Using a Dual Encoder

Rajarshi Bhowmik, Karl Stratos and Gerard de Melo

10:05 Integrating Higher-Level Semantics into Robust Biomedical Name Representations

Pieter Fivez, Simon Suster and Walter Daelemans

10:25 FuzzyBIO: A Proposal for Fuzzy Representation of Discontinuous Entities

Anne Dirkson, Suzan Verberne and Wessel Kraaij.

10:40 Multilingual Negation Scope Resolution for Clinical Text

Mareike Hartmann and Anders Søgaard

11:00–11:30 Break

11:30–12:30 Keynote (chair: Fabio Rinaldi)

11:30 Invited Talk - Knowledge flows in COVID-19 and the role of NLP

Karin Verspoor, RMIT University (Australia)

Abstract: The need for a global knowledge ecosystem supporting rapid learning from clinical practice has become more apparent than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this talk, I will examine the knowledge ecosystem of COVID-19, and will specifically consider the role of natural language processing in supporting dissemination of information and for informing public health response. I will review some of the key work presented in the NLP for COVID-19 workshops organised at ACL2020 and EMNLP2020, and introduce my team’s work on supporting COVID-19 information finding in the COVID-SEE tool.

12:30–15:00 Break

15:00–16:00 Session 2 (chair: Fabio Rinaldi)

15:00 Classification of mental illnesses on social media using RoBERTa

Ankit Murarka, Balaji Radhakrishnan and Sushma Ravichandran

15:20 Cluster analysis of online mental health discourse using topic-infused deep contextualized representations

Atharva Kulkarni, Amey Hengle, Pradnya Kulkarni and Manisha Marathe

15:40 Topic Modeling for Maternal Health Using Reddit

Shuang Gao, Shivani Pandya, Smisha Agarwal and João Sedoc

16:00–16:15 Break

16:15–17:30 Session 3 (chair: Anne-Lyse Minard)

16:15 Scientific Claim Verification with VerT5erini

Ronak Pradeep, Xueguang Ma, Rodrigo Nogueira and Jimmy Lin

16:35 Understanding Social Support Expressed in a COVID-19 Online Forum

Anietie Andy, Brian Chu, Ramie Fathy, Barrington Bennett, Daniel Stokes and Sharath Chandra Guntuku

16:55 ArCorona: Analyzing Arabic Tweets in the Early Days of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Hamdy Mubarak and Sabit Hassan

17:10 Leveraging knowledge sources for detecting self-reports of particular health issues on social media

Parsa Bagherzadeh and Sabine Bergler

17:30 Conclusions